Upward energy, progress, and structural dimension – those are the qualities I wanted to convey with the corporate identity for this global construction and packaging technologies business. 

A corporate identity is only as good as its execution. So I wrote and designed this extensive manual so as to allow for a balance of structure and flexibility, no matter the media or message – from digital and collateral to facilities and signage. 

Steel supports, hidden under veneer casings, allow this maple and walnut credenza to float on the outer legs and top side supports.

Powerpoint. Much abused, but always used. And yet, with the right imagery, color, and animation, it can be used to enhance the branded messaging I created for this Host Hotels & Resorts corporate event. 

When a huge part of your business is creating products for the architecture and construction industries, it's an opportunity for your annual report to reflect the dynamic angles found in the finished structures.

With their new identity and refocused fund/awareness raising activities, EnterpriseWorks Worldwide wanted the audience for its collateral and fund raising events to literally come face to face with some of the people its micro-economic development activities serve and lift up.

Everything about this luxury motor coach service – from the retro-inspired identity to the cheeky headlines and copy – is aimed at the LGBTQ target audience and their elevated expectations of style and service.

I could have just mounted the site plan for this luxury home development on a wall, but that wouldn't have been as appropriate for the setting as this display I designed and had made. Yeah, I can do that too.

With employees and facilities in over 40 countries, WR Grace was looking for ways to increase employee engagement and encourage cross functional collaboration. So, working with HR and Corporate Communications, we got team members to tell us about their home towns and home countries through these huge graphic panels installed throughout Grace's global facilities.

One of my guiding principles is the phrase "everything is media." So, when creating the conceptual framework on which corporate events and trade shows will be based, it has to be striking, memorable, and meaningful. But, above all that, a concept has to be versatile enough to brand every aspect of the multi-day, multi-venue event – from the room key attendees receive at their hotel to the event signage to the name tag they wear throughout.

Note the use of the radiating line pattern and how it plays on the event's concept.

Now, note how that same linear pattern shows up in the overhead draping I created for this evening event.

Some of the logos I've designed: 1.) An independent home contractor who specialized in SoCal Craftsman homes; 2.) A Baltimore-based insurance company targeting under served urban markets; 3.) A provider of in-school physical, occupational, and speech therapists; 4.) A health insurance provider servicing active duty military and their families; 5.) A custom home builder migrating up market; 6.) An executive coaching firm whose tagline is "be shaped by the experience."; 7.) A program to develop the next generation of female political and business leaders in sub-Saharan Africa; 8.) A progressive legal firm in DC whose tagline is "a positive force for social change."; 9.) A quasi governmental organization which oversees funding for drug and alcohol addition programs. 

Patterns, shape collages, painful and expensive tattoo designs – call them what you will, I find that designing them calms me. I think they would make interesting textiles, rugs, t-shirts, motion graphics...if I ever get around to all that.

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